Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have been receiving ENDLESS emails and fanletters from all over the WORLD, with people demanding that we show them what our bedrooms look like. OK OK OK GUYS! JEEZ.. enough with the fandemonium already! Here is a candid look into Daniel's bedroom:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We went on some trips this month. First we went go see HOLE in Seattle.

Even though her band is now a bunch of gross losers, Courtney was AMAZING. She looked great and  she can still not really sing very well.

She played all her old songs. We moshed to Miss World and Violet like it was Lollapalooza 95. We bought T-shirts and left just in time to miss Weezer. Thank god.

We also went to see SLEEP perform HOLY MOUNTAIN in Portland!

We visited our friend Josh who made us a wonderful dinner and we saw our pals Nathan and Matt.

The next day we decided to Visit Kurt's old house on the way back through Seattle. We drove down to his place and sat on his bench.  It was a lovely weekend.


We've been doing a lot of traveling recently. Playing shows and going to them.

A couple weeks ago our friends Black Wizard asked us if we would like join them on their minitour at the last minute. The Wiz are one of our favorite new bands. They play psychy stoner metal and Daniel has a major crush on their singer Adam, so we said yes. We played in Calgary, Edmonton and Kamloops. So we embarked on what was to later be referred to as the "Save Me A Bite" tour.

When we got to Calgary, we drank in a park and got hassled by some guy who wanted cigs. We took Black Wizard to TubbyDog (a famous/crazy hotdog place in Calgary) and we all felt disgusting afterwards, as usual.

We played at this horrible bar called Verns. It was basically a total gong show on the promoters part.
Don't go there. Unless you are watching it burn down. But we did get to see some of our friends from Calgary, including our pals Josiah and Sara from Grown-Ups!

 After Calgary, we drove to Edmonton. We stopped to do a photo shoot in a wheat field, of course. Everyone looks sexy in wheat.

We got to Edmonton and drank in another park. We played at this bar called DV8. It was a fun show. People were drunk which helps.

We stayed at our Pal Aaron's house, and sang on his porch until 4 am.

The next morning we all felt like death. We got Tim Hortons and started driving back West to Kamloops.

We threw rocks on some mountain. We played "would you rather" for like 7 hours straight.

When we arrived in Kamloops we ate at a mexican place called Senor Froggys. Then we got to the venue and ordered tea. It was our first time playing in Kamloops and it was so much fun! Kids there rule.

We left early the next day back to Vancouver. Everyone was exhausted but pleased and Daniel got to nap on Adams shoulder the whole ride back so all in all a good tour.